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College Admission

CampusAdmissions will help you with some basic information abour various colleges and help you contact their admissions office. There you can gather a lot of material so you can choose the school that is best for you.

US Colleges & Universities

The colleges and universities we have listed are all based in the US at this time. There are various schools from small community colleges to the largest university, specialty schools and more.

Admission Requirements

We have information on thousands of colleges in the United States.

Many colleges have specialty degrees, others have great general education programs. Whatever field you may choose to study, there is a college out there for you; do do your homework and research them to find the best one for you!

Get your college admissions information here and start to find the right college for you here at CampusAdmissions.com.

Colleges entrance requirements vary, SAT scores, your high school grade point average (GPA), where did you rank in your high school class, how large was your high school class. Even curricular activities can impact your admission. So while you are still in high school, work on those grades, improve your test scores, take advanced placement (AP) classes and tests.

Financial Aid, Student Loans, College Grants, Scholarships

Not everybody can afford to pay for college, so there are a lot of programs that can assist you in defraying some of the costs. Financial Aid is a minefield of paperwork and requirements, but if you need it so that you can attend college, you better jump right in and figure it out. There may be a lot of options available to you but don't get discouraged, keep at it. Sometimes getting financial aid is like finding a job; you have to send out a lot of resumes, fill out a lot of forms, be rejected numerous times, but finally you may find what works out best for you.

Student loans are typically financial aid where you are required to repay most of not all of the costs. Be sure to read all the fine print and discuss everything with a parent or counselor who is on your side. College grants can be financial aid that may not have to be repaid. Many grants are dependent on family finances for qualification. Scholarships can be awarded for excellence in the classroom or athletic field.

In most cases all types of financial aid do not cover every cost associated with going to college, some may cover only smaller specific needs such as books. So you may need to apply for multiple types of aid to get the financing you need to attend college. You might even have to work a job to pay for some of the costs. Future employers will like that you worked to help put yourself through college no matter what type of job it was. So don't sell any of those things short.